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Skin Routine for Healthy Skin

The steps to healthy skin is a consistent skin care routine!

1. Cleansing

2. Toning

3. Moisturizing

4. Protecting

Regardless of the skin type, this should be completed 2x daily.

1. Cleansing

The purpose of cleansing your skin is to remove, makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and anything else that can clog the pores. When pores are clogged it can cause acne, or other skin conditions.

When choosing a facial cleanser it is important to use a product for your skin type (normal, combination, oily, dry). The more bubbles that form the more drying it will be to the skin. The skin naturally has a protective layer called the acid mantle that is made of proteins and fatty acids. You want to stay away from using bar soaps. Bar soaps can be very harsh on the skin because they have a high pH which removes this protective layer. Removing this barrier leaves the skin dull, hyper-sensitive and susceptible to infection. I would recommend avoiding products with the word "soap" on it and if you are choosing a bar soap make sure it has a neutral pH.

*adding exfoliation to the skin care routine can enhance the appearance of the skin. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. The frequency of exfoliation is dependent on the skin type.

2. Toning

Toning works with cleansing to remove any access dirt, oil and/or makeup. This step is the most overlooked process in skin care. The benefit of using a toner is it soothes and hydrates skin while restoring your skins pH balance.

Its comes in a liquid form that can be sprayed on, applied with your hands,or cotton swab. Toner should be used after the skin has been cleaned and applied with clean hands or cotton swab/cotton ball. Toner does not need to be washed off.

3. Moisturizing

Moisturizer is super important to apply to the skin after toning, to add an additional layer of moisture to the face. When hydrating the skin tissue it makes the skin look younger, softer, and healthier. When you do not moisture your skin will..

-feel itchy

-look dry

-look dull

-worsen wrinkles

-aggravate acne

Choose a moisturizer for your skin type.

Oily Skin : use facial lotions/gels , thinner consistency, oil free, lightweight, noncomedogenic, salicylic acid

Dry Skin : use creams, thicker consistency, lactic acid and glycerin

Combination Skin : Use both types of moisturizers where its needed

4. Protecting

Sunscreen is the last step to the skin care routine and this helps protect the skin.

"The damage caused by UV exposure will also make your skin look older. “Photodamage in people of color will lead to sagging of the skin, loss of volume from the face, and hyperpigmentation,” says Jeanine Downie, M.D., a dermatologist in private practice in Montclair, N.J. “While people with lighter skin tones tend to see fine lines and wrinkles show up first, people of color will see changes in pigmentation that lead to dark patches and uneven skin tone.”

There are many sunscreens that are moisturizers as well. When choosing a 2 in 1 product make sure it good for your skin type and it is broad spectrum.

If there are steps you are missing in your skin care routine, try incorporating the missing steps to enhance your skin care goals! I hope this is helpful and please share your personal routine and favorite products!

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