The Best Hold! Beso eyelash adhesive 💋

March 29, 2017


How long have you been searching for that perfect eyelash glue?! Well you have come to the right place. It feels like forever I have been searching for an adhesive that would not have the ends of my falsies lifting :( My makeup would be BOMB and then my falsies would act up! 


My sis and I recently completed a makeup course instructed by Alaina Salisbury, a very popular MUA from Texas and owner of Colordujour. If you don't know her check her out on IG @colordujour, her work is amazing! But, in her class she recommended, her favorite eyelash glue, which is Beso eyelash adhesive.


So I ordered the adhesive right away and it retails for $20. It arrived 12 days later and I had to opportunity to try it out myself this past weekend!

 Details: Beso eyelash adhesive comes in a 1oz bottle. Black in color. Dries very quickly, approximately 10 seconds so you can literally place falsies on lash line right away! This product is latex based. To remove adhesive/falsie you need a makeup remover that is oil based to loosen glue. 


Review: Perfect for black eyeliner makeups because it is dark in color. Beso eyelash adhesive has a great all day hold which is perfect for wedding or other special occasions. If a bride is sweating or tearing those lashes will not budge! I love love love this glue for lower lashes because the quick drying time helps with application! This glue remind me of hair glue but obviously safe around the eye area. I would recommend using this adhesive for special occasions vs. everyday use because of its hold. Though anyone can use/purchase this product I would suggest this product for MUAs, beauty professionals and those who are more advance with makeup. Overall I give this product 5 stars and I am excited to use this on my brides.

This is an honest and unsponsored review. We ONLY recommend products we have used and love! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. You can Click here link to visit product website






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