Eyebrows Revealed!

March 1, 2017

You never want someone staring at your face for the wrong reasons! When it comes to makeup,  the eyebrows play a fundamental role. The #eyebrowsonfleek is a SUPER popular trend which is very defined, dramatic and arched brow! Often this look is not executed correctly because it is too arched, dramatically contoured or darkly shaded, making the eyebrow look extremely fake. Many do not realized the there are a variety of eyebrow options and there is a perfect brow to compliment them. There are 3 parts to an eyebrow look. Let's Review!











  The first part of an eyebrow look is the SIZE (thin, medium, and thick). To find your everyday eyebrow I recommend following the natural size of the brow or getting  hair removed to achieve a thinner look. Thicker eyebrows are NOW trending! Sooo you may want to thick twice before getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded! 

The second l part of an eyebrow look is the STYLE. Which is Natural, Untamed, and Defined!


A Natural eyebrow looks soft and effortless. It follows the natural shape of the brow and it works well with "no make-up" make up looks :)  Those who  care about the appearance of their eyebrows but do not like to spend much time or product on eyebrows this is the perfect option . To achieve this look you would simply stroke minimal product (of your choice powder/pencil/pomade) in the same direction of your eyebrow hairs.


Untamed eyebrows are an extension of a natural looking eyebrow. It is carefree and at times unkempt. It is perfectly imperfect! Untamed eyebrow can be slightly filled in for fullness but commonly very low maintenance if any (stray hairs are visible). To achieve this style naturally, do not wax your eyebrows for a long time! Like me ;) Below are two example of my Natural Untamed and Thick Untamed (which I filled in)


Bare Eyebrows 























Defined eyebrows have been all the rage on social media because of the FLEEKY (meaning"perfectly done" or "exactly right.") and glamorous look. This brow is definitely more maintenance than the usual brow and it takes time and skill to master application (TIP: choose a dramatic brow or eye makeup to avoid drag queen effect). To achieve this look you want a gradation effect from light to dark ending at the end of the brown.  For definition  be sure to conceal under the brown with a lighter concealer and sculpt the top of the brow into desired brow shape with (same skin tone) foundation.

All pictures below are defined brows!


The final part of an eyebrow look is the SHAPE. The 3 common shapes I will review is straight, curved and arched. 



STRAIGHT eyebrow are just that... STRAIGHT!...however some straight brows do descend at the end points. Straight brows are common among men and on which give women a more masculine look. Straight brows portray confidence and sternness. In the Asian culture straight eyebrow are prominent because the way the hair tends to grow downward. These brows are also a great fit for people with the oval and longer face shapes.​


Curved eyebrows just simply bend and frame the eyes. These brows are often continuous in width throughout depending on preference.(TIP: stay away from "McDonald's arches" type of brows) Curved eyebrows are a very attractive because they give a softer feminine look and  this shape works great for heart,diamond and oval (specifically oval create very subtle curve/straight) brows face shapes.

Arched eyebrows has an arch 3/4 of the way into the eyebrow from the starting point. This is a more powerful and sexy look generally desired because it works well with so many face shapes preferably round oval square and diamond.​

So all eyebrow has a specific size, style and shape. Personally I have naturally thin brows but I like to fill them into a full medium size. When it comes to the style of my brows I follow the natural shape which is arched (probably from all years of waxing). If I am doing a full face make up I prefer defined style brows but normally I prefer to wear a natural style brow for convenience.


Now that you are an official eyebrows specialist! It's time to reflect...

What are you currently doing with your eyebrows? And what are your eyebrow goals?!

If you have any question I would love to hear from you? Comment Below, Send me a email at info@wairglammakeup.com, or through our Website, IG or FB @Wairglam !





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